Working with Expats on Change Management and Adoptation

I have had both private and group sophrology sessions with Meric.  I came to her for help because I am going through a difficult period both personally and professionally.  She has reinforced my belief in the benefits of breath and movement exercises. I can feel the tension in my shoulders decrease after the first exercise.  My anxiety is significantly diminished by the end of a session and I feel lighter and more relaxed.  My goal would be to make sophrology a part of my daily routine. ” (Mary, 64 years, )

“During a time of great stress and uncertainty, a session with Meriç gave me valuable piece of mind and renewed confidence. Learning some simple but effective techniques that I could continue to use on my own reinforced what I experienced with Meriç and enabled me to continue feeling calmer and that I am capable of dealing with anything ” (Hazel, 32 years)

Things got a bit overwhelming after the moving to France. I wasn’t having a good time and was paralysed. After a session with Meric, I was able to relax, take a step back and reasess my options from a neutral perspective. I’m getting back on top of things now and the sofrology lessons play a significant role, being an anchor, when ever things get a bit too much. Thanks Meric.” (Mark, 30 years)